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Project anamed-Bie

The Project anamed-Bie, deeply thanks the Computer Offer. It is an item that will really boost our work within the organization. It is a computer that we were needing so much because our jobs were being done on the computer Missionary Sister Marianne, now with this computer is a direct heritage of the Organization.
- By Enoch Martins (Secretary of anamed-Bie)

What is the project anamed-Bie?

Action for Natural Medicineanamed-Bie, is a nonprofit cooperative in Bie Province.
Anamed Bie works with 48 volunteers, Ms Margarida Martins as president of the cooperative and Marianne Holzmann anamed accredited as a trainer at the International level. Anamed Bie targets the promotion and education in the area of community health, promotes the conservation and cultivation of plants with medicinal and nutritional value. Anamed enables people to prepare and apply medicinal plant products in a proper and effective manner. To achieve this target, anamed-Bie is training Technicians of natural medicine in rural areas of Bie province and in other provinces of the country.
People learn to use locally available medicinal plants to treat common desieses such as diarrhea, constipation, coughing, infected wounds, burns, typhoid fever, malaria, malnutrition etc..
To finance this work ointments, tinctures and teas are made and sold. Anamed-Bie is a self-sustaining project.
Since 2009 lectures are being conducted in villages, churches and other institutions, also trainings and seminars in other provinces, to share knowledge on the use of tropical medicinal plants.

"Jesus Saves" Medical Center

The I.E.I.A "Jesus Saves" Medical Center thanks the individual who offered a laptop to facilitate the work to empower and train staff in the IT area.
Our greatest desires and blessings from God, and we repeat our "THANK YOU" for your support.
- By João Lucas Sanguize (Administrator)